Howard Chappell

Howard and his family can trace their roots back to the early settlers in Fort Myers. They were cattle farmers and ranchers right here in town. Fort Myers was so small back then the town didn’t not have “school master” to teach the children. An ancestor had to go north to Georgia to hire a “school master” to come down and teach the children to read and write. His payment was food, shelter and a horse of his own.

Coming from such strong roots The Chappell Law Group is committed to giving back to the community in Southwest Florida.

We donate time and money to many worthwhile organizations in the community and below are just a few:
  • Fort Myers American Little League
  • 4H Youth Development Program
  • Fort Myers High School Wrestling Team
  • St. Francis Xavier School
  • Church of the Resurrection
  • Harry Chapin Food Bank
  • Salvation Army
  • Lee County Alliance for the Arts
  • Lee County Strikers
  • Community Cooperative Ministries, Inc. (Lee County Soup Kitchen)