Elder Care and Maintaining a Standard of Living

By Howard Chappell,

Florida is a retiree destination for thousands of aging adults.  Many of whom choose to enter assisted living facilities.  An often overlooked and under-informed side of assisted living is neglect and abuse.  After all, legal guardians, children, and kin are rarely informed or get to see the daily treatment of those they care for.  When a loved one reports of mistreatment it’s a tough situation to navigate, and leaves you with many questions – Who is responsible? … Continue reading

What Can a Personal Injury Law Firm Do for You?

By Howard Chappell,

Personal injury law involves the representation of individuals who claim they have been injured as a result of negligence or the wrongdoing of another person, company, or other party. If you find yourself in this type of situation and are wondering what to do next, you need to consider contacting a personal injury law firm. There are a number of legal firms to choose from in Florida. But what exactly does a personal injury … Continue reading

Tips to Working with an Attorney after a Slip and Fall

By Howard Chappell,

Falling can be a traumatic experience; slip and fall injuries can leave you with physical injuries as well as emotional scars. People can feel ashamed or very self-conscious after being involved in a slip and fall in Southwest Florida, but they should not let the situation keep them from pursuing legal help if it is thought to be warranted. Just because you fall, it does not mean you are at fault for the situation; there are many other factors that play in to a slip and fall situation, and a personal injury attorney will be able to help you sift through the details to determine if you can be rewarded with monetary compensation. … Continue reading